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Really looking forward to the upcoming patches for Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection - hopefully they come soon!

Patch notes build 2453899
22 January - yardwasp
Hi, everyone! We've released a patch with the following improvements:

-Script tuned up with several text fixes to ensure consistency with the soon-to-be-released Zwei: The Arges Adventure
-Minor audio cues adjusted

We'd also like to give an update on the 60 FPS patch. While don't have a timeline for release, we'll be sure to post once we have more information.
Patch notes build 2327804
11 December, 2017 - omnisyncd
Hi everyone!

We've recently released a large new patch which makes a number of improvements.

-HD versions of English text graphics such as tutorials implemented
-Fixed some graphics incorrectly displaying in Japanese when playing in English, and vice-versa
-Script tuned up with various text fixes

I contacted Xseed privately via social media regarding this. The matter is being looked into.
Game is now up to date.
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