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Game crashed twice at the most crucial moment!

1. In the final boss in the scene where they lift up to space
2. After I beat the final boss in space another crash occured during the ending cut scenes in the discussion between the vampire and the fairy. I am not going through this ordeal again. Will watch a Youtube video

There were some other crashes during warp scenes but I had a save game at least.

I am playing at 3440x1440 resolution so maybe it is one of the culprits
If anyone else is having the CTD issue with G-colosseum I found that switching to minimum graphics settings eliminated the issue. Just switch back when not in the colosseum.
I'm getting a rather strange bug where my attempts to load from saves doesn't register the newest saves, but the same four save files from back in my first three hours of play. My most current saves remain untouched in the "Saved Games" folder, and I don't even have a clue where these saves are being stored. It's quite odd.
Hi. I only see this post now.

I have crash in many moments.

The version here is "20180120".
I play with an X-Box One Controller wireless.
Windows 10 - 1809.
GeForce GTX 1080 - Driver 425.31
Resolution 1080
Using GOG Galaxy 1.2.55 Beta
My Internet go down many moments.

1. What is meant by "completing a dungeon"? For me was when I complete one level of the dungeon.

2. Which is it? Or, is it both? For me I have a crash in many situations:
--> The first time when I enter in G-Colosseum. I get the pink ticket, show to the Penguin and enter. After that have a animation, the G-Man talk and when I have the control again I enter in G-Colosseum and CRASH. I did it again, but before enter the G-Colosseum I exit and save. I go back on foot and don't crash.

--> When I teleport after ended a level of a dungeon. I save the game and them use the teleport to the G-Colosseum and CRASH.

--> One time was when I was in ARTE city and teleport to the G-Colosseum. Before I save the game.

--> One time I don't remember to where I was going. I save, use the teleport and CRASH.

--> One time, when I was in G-Colosseum. I enter to pick a fight and have the same bug that the Xelviar in Post 15. This time I chose the fighter level 7 and chose my PC from left (because don't show either). After I lose the fight (I was in level 4 or 5) the game CRASH.
Xelviar: However in spite of this, I did somehow manage to get a bizarre bug another way, as you can see talking to the attendant at the Arena/Colisseum, the menus bug out, and this is the only time where I've seen assets missing and a bit of slowdown. this was by doing a few complete dungeons, somehow I managed to get this glitch show up instead - I left the attachment below to show this.
wyrdwad: OK, the project lead for this title looked into the crash issue surrounding the G-Collosseum, and he has a few followup questions. In his own words:

Okay. I've been unsuccessful in triggering a crash going from between the G-Colosseum and the outside entry area, as well as from between the outside entry area and the gate near the start of the Secundum Mines. Additional data I'd like is as follows:

1. The original report mentions teleporting there "after you complete a dungeon." What is meant by "completing a dungeon"? Is it when you finish a single branch of a dungeon and get a gold/silver/bronze reward? Is it after you defeat a dungeon boss but before you warp out of a dungeon? More detail is needed here.

2. The report makes it sound like the crash is caused by zoning between connected areas around the G-Colosseum (either of the two zone gates mentiond above), but saying it happens after "completing a dungeon" makes it sound like it's an issue zoning in via teleports. Which is it? Or, is it both?

Basically, what I want to know is where you were when you crashed, what you had last done before entering the zone gate/teleporting, and what your destination was (i.e. going into the Colosseum, going out of the Colosseum, teleporting from a boss lair into the Colosseum, going from the outside area of the Colosseum back into Secundum Mines, etc).
wyrdwad: If you're able to provide this information, we can look into this issue a bit more thoroughly.

I have a bug too with the medals from Galaxy.
When I get the first Combined Power, I gain the emblem "With Our Powers Combined!".
This emblem says that I have all the Arcanum combo skills, but I have only one.
I pick all latter in the game.
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Hello. I just started playing the game, and everything was working just fine, until I got to the opening fmv, the one with vocals. It runs EXTREMELY slowly [the song even ends before the opening, leaving a video running at low fps without sound], when the game (and even the pre-rendered FMVs of the flight battle!) was running perfectly. Any fix for this?



I found a solution! If you have installed the K-Lite Mega Codec pack, go to start->k-like->configuration->LAV video.

With the LAV Video config open, go to the FORMATS tab and uncheck anything that has to do with MPEG-4 (the codec that the videos of the game are set).

After doing that the opening played fine. I'll start the game from scratch to see if this screws up the earlier FMVs, but so far I got to fix my issue :D
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Just bought the game but it crashes almost immediately on start, doesn't get past the Famicom screen and just boots me back to desktop, I've played around with the settings and graphics but I've gottne no farther with it. Anyone know of a fix or possible reason for it crashing like this? I'm on Windows 10 if thats of any help
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