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high rated
Zwei: The Arges Adventure

Changelog for Patch 1.0.8 (added 06 February 2018):

* DualShock 4. The Sony DualShock 4 gamepad is now supported right out of the box, without the need to tinker with any settings.
* Analog sensitivity. A small dead zone has been added to the game's left analog stick input, which should resolve issues with characters drifting when they come to a stop, and should also have the added bonus of fixing issues where the mouse cursor was disappearing for some players.
* Map sensitivity. Similarly to the above, a small dead zone has been added to the game's right analog stick as well, to offer more precision when viewing the minimap.
* Lossless music. The Original version of the game's soundtrack is no longer encoded in ADPCM, making it more compatible with Wine, and also ensuring that it sounds ever-so-slightly better than it did before.
* Indeo codec recognition. Altered the way the Indeo video codec is detected on startup, offering better support for users playing the game through Wine.
* Addition of command-line options. The following command-line video options have been added in response to user requests:
* \--fullscreen_exclusive enables exclusive mode instead of borderless when in fullscreen --pixel_perfect disables smoothing and forces the window size to integer multiples only, so in fullscreen it will now have perfectly sharp pixels. --zoom2x, --zoom3x and --zoom4x allow users to set the window size to multiples of the original 854x480 in windowed mode.
* Numpad support for movement. The arrow keys on the numpad now function as an alternative to the standalone arrow keys or WASD for keyboard players.
* Typing of Ys Japanese display fixes. There are no longer text display issues in the Typing of Ys minigame when the Japanese language is selected.
* Pet Monitor Japanese display fixes. Pet Monitor selections no longer display in English when the Japanese language is selected.
* Mona, Mona keyboard controls. Blocks may now be rotated in Mona, Mona using the Enter key, left Shift key, or Spacebar, rather than only the Enter key fulfilling this function.
* Removal of unused items. Players were able to acquire duplicate versions of the Clock Manual and Clock Warranty items that showed the wrong icons and had no effect in-game. These have been removed.