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Is there any manual in gog-package? Cause not for me, but peoples must know there to look to find out how to save (type "SAVE" in command line) or load ("Restore"-command) or something else
i dont have a manual for it either. trying to figure out how to save right now

...Seriously, they didn't include a manual for the first Zork?
cool, thanks dashing
SmbRammy: Is there any manual in gog-package?
I didn't buy Zork, but I'd suggest checking the Bonus material section of the download area.
RatherDashing: BAM.

...Seriously, they didn't include a manual for the first Zork?
I raise you with

Some of the manuals from Infodoc miss coloured manuals or pictures from some of the feelies included within the box. But if I remember correctly the Infodoc releases had better quality. All in all, they complete each other well.

Speaking of feelies, that's one of the most important things the GOG release is lacking, but I do not realistically expect them to mail every purchaser with the stuff that was included in the original box.
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BTW, the offline version of The Witcher 2, which is made by the GOG's parent company, will come with some neat toys in it in a box that is cleared inspired by Infocom releases.
there was nothing with the first one we got a disk in a transparent baggy that was it! Feelies didn't arrive till like 83 :P
Michagogi23: i dont have a manual for it either. trying to figure out how to save right now
You didn't think of just typing "save"? ;-)
A long time ago (13 years ago I think) I tried to go through Zork I without any documentation.
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It only comes with manuals for Beyond Zork and Zork Zero. Both of those are from Infocom Documentation Project ([url=][/url]). Zork Zero manual is the identical file, Beyond Zork is split into three files. Some other bonus materials are from the same source. Why not the rest of the manuals from that site then? Unlike some other places, that site seems to be legit: there is a notice that materials are reproduced with permission. To be honest, Zork 1-3 manuals are not particularly special and not needed to enjoy the games. Still...
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The Zork Library has a great collection of Zork 1-3 feelies, some of which are included in the GOG package, and some which aren't (such as the Zork 1 manual).

I don't know why GOG didn't include all of these. Maybe they can get them included.

Edit: Oh, the Zork 3 FrobozzCo Shareholders Report is included in the package, my mistake.
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My "Zork Legacy Collection" CDs include PDFs with manuals, maps, and hints as part of the "Zork Anthology." This gets a bit messy:

Zork I:
The only manual included in the Legacy Collection is a (poor, B&W) version of the material GoG includes as "The Great Underground Empire." The rest of the manual isn't present. Maps included are (again, poor versions of) the Invisiclues maps from GoG's zip of maps. The "amazing map not sold in any gas station" isn't present.

Zork II:
Map is same as Invisiclues map from GoG's zip. Manual is (again, bad B&W) "G.U.E. on Nine Zorkminds A Day."

Zork III:
Manual's a lousy version of the "shareholder's report" although it includes the text which is blocked by the Festerton Town Library stamp. (I should probably get a scan of that....) Map's the usual invisiclues map.

So it looks like GoG's "shopping list" for content was the Zork Anthology as shipped, they just got better versions of everything.
This was an old post, but Zork 1 definitely includes a manual now. There's a manual.pdf in the Zork 1 folder and a shortcut created in the Start Menu.