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I haven't seen the full game yet, but I think this one doesn't change compared to the demo.

The skill system looks like the one in Din's Curse. It works great till a point, especial if you're brave enough to spend every point on one skill. If that skill is an AOE ability and you can support it with mana (having high spirit and intelligence) you will become unstoppable. Pretty much you kill a screen of monsters from long range and they can't do anything against it, except some bosses with teleport ability. Of course they can block or parry it, even evade, but if you chose the right skill it will apply bonus attack for itself also, making it nearly impossible to miss the attack.

The skill and attack system was more balanced in Drox Operative, as there the item decide the abilities' properities. Even at high level with good item, you can't increase your damage that much to overpower the NPCs, and you can't have all-attack setup. If you do you either can attack once before the energy run out, or you can't attack at all.