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Usually I just put these on my blog on Soldak's website, but I thought I would add it in a few relevant places to see if it generates more discussion. I'm going to talk about how we are enhancing the town defense part of the game quite a bit in the upcoming expansion Zombasite: Orc Schism.

Guards - You can now place twice as many guards as the base game (16 now).

Guard types - There are now way more guard types, including traps, totems, altars, and crystals. Player traps work a little differently than world traps. They can be set off an infinite number of times by enemies, but they can also be destroyed. Totems, altars, and crystals all buff nearby friendlies with different effects.

Guard locations - You can change where each guard's location is. If you want to focus on your flanks because you are worried about a clan raid you can shift some of your guards over there. If you are worried about your healthstone, you can surround it with guards. Also, since your town is randomly laid out in the expansion, where you want to put your guards might change with each world.

NPC guard focus - You will now get a bit more control over NPCs when they are using the guard focus by selecting how they guard. Currently you can choose stationary, patrol, or wander.

Clan items - You can now change clan items (relics, doors, and guards) while your clan is under attack. It does take 15 seconds to install though when under attack.

Defensive raids - I'm not sure what I'm going to call this yet, but you will be able to form a full raiding party (up to 5 NPCs) to defend a clan from anything that is attacking them. This is restricted to clans that you have a mutual protection pact or alliance with or your own clan. This does cost a small amount of expedition points (currently 5, which is half of an offensive raid).

As usual comments are welcome!
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The notes you posted look interesting. TBH I haven't played Zombasite in a while, so I'm getting ready to reinstall it, esp. considering the expansion should be here Soon(TM)