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At this time the ASUS has a bad hard drive and the little 2001 Sony's power supply has failed. Thanks to the legal hassles caused by a miserable relative I cannot afford to deal with these things.

Luckily I can run the ASUS using Puppy Linux 6.3.0 on a USB stick. It loads into the RAM and runs from there.

By using SCUMMVM and WINE this game is playable again.

I had forgotten how nice the music is when you awaken at the intersection.

In fact, it is a nice game. A shame "Foxtail" is switching to the (phooey!) Unity engine, but there is also "Beyond the Edge of Owlsgard," somewhat akin to "Zniw."

Good gaming. A special thanks to the folks at SCUMMVM for making "Zniw" available to so many more people.