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(SizeScreen, Color Rendering, Scaling)

Try right clicking on the .EXE, Properties
"Run as Admin" + "Windows95/98/XP Compatibility" (+ "Disable Scaling" + "Color Rendering 16bit")

When the Game starts for the 1st time, it tries to run in full screen (not windowed) mode at a resolution of 800x600.
Some modern graphics cards and monitors don't like this.
(modern hardware often the minimum supported resolution is 1024x768)
You can only change these settings from the Mission Menu, but it does not reach it.

The Game saves all settings in the .INF binary file.
There are special .INF sets for changing Game settings bypassing the Menu.
"Display option patcher scripts"

Windowed mode allows you to conveniently switch between other windows, but imposes outdated graphics rules on everyone in the System.
(in Windows 10 can be set individually for the Game in the File Properties)

Full screen mode is independent of the graphics settings in the System, has a minimum of problems, but takes up the entire screen.

You must choose for yourself what suits you best.

To run Windowed Mode, it is very important:
1) Color Rendering equal 16bit;
2) Scaling equal 100%;

During game development, Color Rendering was 16bit (Today 32bit);
(the eye of an ordinary person almost does not see the difference)

If you have a laptop or 4K monitor or TV.
Scaling over 100% (125% or 150%) is often used at high screen resolutions.
(this is to make the elements larger and the text to be readable)
Because of this, the picture or buttons are displaced, the mouse click does not fall.

For Windows 10, it is possible to set options only for the Game
(to avoid changes to the entire System)
Right click on the .EXE
Properties =>Compatibility =>LowColorMode =>16bit
Properties =>Compatibility =>HighDPISettings
check the box OverrideScalingBehaviour and "Application"

For Windows 7, you will have to set options of the entire System
Start =>ControlPanel =>Screen =>Resolution =>AdvancedSettings =>Monitor =>Color Quality =>16bit
Start =>ControlPanel =>Screen =>EaseScreenReader =>Small-100%

Windowed Mode with DXWnd

This method allows you to bypass some of the rules:
- removes window frame, which is so annoying for many in native windowed mode;
- drag the Game Window to another Monitor (mouse dont stops working);
- bypass "noWindowed" bug in widescreen patches;
- bypass NOT 16bit in Windows 7;
- (maybe, Scaling NOT equal 100%;)
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(we are not talking about overlay-filters from the Game)
As it turns out, few people know about it.

Overlays are known to interfere with the Game
- The screen just freezes sooner or later, the music plays in the background;
- Blank screen in the Main Menu as the main sign of a running Overlay;

Disable Overlays or close these programs:
- AMD GPU (delete GPU gaming profile)
- Nvidia GPU (GeForce Experience, Shadowplay as Share)
- AfterBurner, RivaTuner
- Origin (evil, 100%)
- Discord, Skype
- Windows Xbox
- Steam? (Steam overlay doesn't seem to interfere)
- other

Shadowplay, known as Share, must be disabled in the GeForce Experience Settings Panel. Closing the process in Task Manager will not disable Shadowplay!
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DirectX 9.0с Runtime Pack (June 2010)

Jamming sound, jerking
Turned off "3D sound", in-game Menu =>Options =>Audio

Looping audio problem
When you have more than 2 speakers (2.1 or 5.1 or 7.1 sound)
Older games don't know what surround sound is.
Also, modern sound cards can work in surround sound emulation mode.
Download, unpack and copy-paste with replace to game folder.
Try v12 (EAX=ON) or v14 (EAX=OFF) or v15 (noX3DAudio)
This dsound.dll replaces the native one from DirectX, like a wrapper, reconciles the old with the new.

If the problem is still not fixed, then

After WinXP, support for DirectMusic was discontinued and only emulation takes place.
Perhaps this is the reason why there are problems with sound in older games.
Start =>ControlPanel =>Programs => "Windows Features On and Off" =>"Legacy Components" => "Direct Play" to ON
(This item is not available in Windows 7)

Spaces and Unicode (umlauts, cyrillic, hieroglyphs) in the path to the Games folder can lead to missing sounds.

The file "music.txt" should be.
It spells out the rules when what music to include (but this is only for /Music)
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I draw your attention
The widescreen patches (by JackFuste, 2012) has a bug that prevents Caesar3 + Zeus + Emperor (but not Pharaoh) from switching to Windowed mode.
(And it has nothing to do with Color Rendering not 16bit)

@vempire_ghost, 23 Apr 2013
The problems runs on Zeus with Posseion on a 2.1 version.
Now after I apply the fix to my resolution (i have both pcs, one in 1980x1020 and another 1280x1024) I cannot put in window mode anymore, only if I set the 800x600 resolution, or revert back to the original .exe and use a 1024x728 standard resolution.
It depends on the value of only one byte.
When I noticed the difference in CRC32, XJDHDR explained the reason to me:

JackFuste found a problem where EXEs that he had patched were no longer able to be switched into Windowed mode (they were locked to Fullscreen). He then released a patching program that was attached to the forum post linked above which fixed this problem and made it possible to switch into Windowed mode again. I'm not sure why it works but the program replaces a "jump forward 0x6F bytes if EAX is less than ECX" into a "always jump forward 0x6F bytes" command. My widescreen pack, as you observed, come with this fix pre-applied whereas the other packs you found don't.
Outdated patches without patch "noWindowed" bug

XJDHDR Customiser with patch "noWindowed" bug

Now, if you're can't switch to Windowed Mode, then you know why.
Use a resizer from XJDHDR or apply a patch to the old ones.

The horizontal resolution must be a multiple of 4.
(otherwise the graphics of the game will be distorted)
Therefore, a resolution of 1366x768 will not work, since 1366 is not a multiple of 4.
(Try 1360x768, in Game, in System)

After replacing .EXE with the patched one, you NEED to confirm in the Game that the new permission is applied and saved (in binary .INF)
We enter any mission, Menu =>Options =>Video =>"1024x768"
(it says "1024x768", but the real value will be what was replaced)

You can also do it quickly by pressing "F7" (1024x768)
These buttons also quickly change screen settings.
- "F5" (switch "Window mode" / "Full screen mode")
- "F6" (800x600)
Accidentally pressing them can lead to problems starting the Game.
(hello to the cat running over the keyboard)
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Animation failed, Sprites glitch
(missing icons, flags do not appear, buildings freezes/empty, never indicate)

There is a glitch in the entire Caesar3 + Pharaoh + Zeus + Emperor series where (suddenly!) Building Animation stops working

It's impossible to play without Building Animation, you can't see if the Building works or not.
Usually a REBOOT helps.
@bvschaik, 30 July 2020
The missing animations are caused by your computer being on (including sleep) for too long. After about 24 days, a number will wrap to negative and animations will be gone. Two solutions are available: wait another 24 days or restart your computer.
@Pecunia, 19 Apr 2021
Restart your computer. All Impressions citybuilding games have this clock-related bug where animations stop working after you leave your computer on (or sleeping) for about 24 days. Restarting your computer resets it. Or wait 24 more days until the animations return automatically...
"Pecunia" is the old nickname "bvschaik", the same person (Bianca van Schaik).
Legendary personality, himself the creator of Julius (2018) clone Caesar3.
He also wrote the patch "Slow Gods Animation Fix" (2018) for Zeus.
He also wrote SGReader(2008) and EngConverter(2020).
(almost the only programs for viewing and editing Game resources)

In general, Reboot, or wait another 24 days :D

Most laptops are set to Sleep and Hibernate by default.
Not surprisingly, the problem has escalated, because Shutdown has become a rarity.
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About "Right click on the game.EXE"
game.EXE is not the GOG/Steam (internet-)shortcut on Desktop
(label sign - in Properties there is a "Web-document" tab)
You need to open the folder with the Game
"../Zeus + Poseidon/"

GOG/Steam Games Repository by default
"C:/Program Files(x86)/"

This is very bad:
- there is a SPACE in the path to the Game;
(many older games can have problems with any non a-Z 0-9 characters in the path)
- "Program Files" establishes increased requirements for rights;
(it will be necessary to give the Game admin rights, although it does not need them)

I highly recommend change the GOG/Steam repository (in settings) to e.g. D:/Games/

Doesn't save Saves
Need write permissions? (it becase installed to "Program Files")
Right click on .EXE
Properties =>Compatibility =>"Run as Administrator"

Top path where are the Saves
"C:/Program Files (x86)/???/Zeus + Poseidon/Save"
"C:/Program Files/???/Zeus + Poseidon/Save"
%LOCALAPPDATA%/VirtualStore/Program Files/???

Speed of game is too fast
(mouse scrolls the map too fast)
Decrease in the settings Mission Menu =>Options =>Speed
But it's more convenient with hotkeys "[" and "]"
(need english keyboard layout)
At 100%, the speed of game depends on the performance of your processor.

There are known cases when Video(*.bink) crashes the Game.
Try renaming the "/BINKS" folder
Sometimes the Game works but crashes when trying to play a Video.
This is due to the fact that the Video briefly changes the screen resolution to fit, which may not be available for your monitor.

Сan go a more complicated way by trying to add a resolution of 640x480 in the graphic settings.
(but support is not always physically possible)

- The Game freezes up to a minute on startup?
- The Game will not open at all from the 1st time?
- GOG/Steam thinks the Game is already running?
So, at the first start, rundll32.exe is launched in the background.
And while rundll32.exe is running, the Game re-opens without problems.
As it turned out, this is the functionality of "Windows Game Explorer".
It looks like Microsoft collects statistics.
Open Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) and kill rundll32.exe.
You can radically remove gameux.dll, but it is better to edit the registry.
To disable create GameUX_OFF.reg and run (as Admin)

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\GameUX\ServiceLocation]
That the "Compatibility Win95/98" mode completely removes the problem.
That running GOG/Steam offline removes the problem.

The status.txt file is located in the game folder.
Each time you start the game overwrites it and saves the successes and mistakes.
Unfortunately, when the game crashes, it cannot record the error.
Only works for official game-known bugs.

A more reliable source is the Windows log.
In "Windows Logs" =>"Applications" you can find out more about the game error.
Press "Win+R" =>eventvwr
Start =>SearchBar =>eventvwr

The source code for Caesar3 + Pharaoh + Zeus + Emperor was lost in 2004
when "Impressions Games" Studio was shut down by "Sierra Entertainment".
Adding an overlay - impossible.
Adding achievements - impossible.
Adding save screenshots - impossible.
In fact (if you wish), can implement this through dll-hijacking, but apparently no one cares.
(yeah, where are you, our dll-hero?)
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The rights to each localization belong to different Studios, they have been closed for 20 years, so contacting and negotiating with the copyright holders is a problem.
Currently only the digital EN version is sold.
Therefore, Translation and Voice acting is the problem of the Player.

Translation of the text is in the files:
1) *_MM.eng - Help, description of Missions;
2) *_TEXT.eng - all Menus, Interface, names of Buildings, phrases of inhabitants;
3) "/Model/Zeus eventmsg.txt" - events, alerts;
4) "/Model/Zeus event message category.txt" - event message categories;
5) "/Model/Zeus attitude advice.txt" - attitude advice;
6) "/Adventures/*" - adventure companies;

Files *_MM.eng" and *_TEXT.eng are databases.
Trying to edit through regular notepad inevitably messes them up.

EngConverter (2020, by Pecunia) for edit *.eng

There is also from the Russian author vladimirk1211
But files in Zeus from GOG/Steam have problems.

Solving the problem with diacritics.

Many European languages ​​have minor letter differences from the base EN.
They even work on EN .EXE , but have the issue of jumping letters with diacritics.
The situation was exacerbated by popular EN widescreen patches .

(I recommend GoogleChrome for automatic translation)

Problem of Diacritics
steamcommunity . com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2770884452

Translation, Voice acting, Font
steamcommunity . com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2748181836
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"SGReader" for reading textures and "C3Modder" for writing textures
yadi . sk/d/OLeXXZOC3SG6w7

*.555 stores pictures and animation frames.
*.sg3 stores ID, offset, length, width, height, type, ..

Dimitrius, 2012
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First of all, I deal with the Pharaoh,
but 90% of the material applies to the entire Caesar3 + Pharaoh + Zeus + Emperor series
(I recommend GoogleChrome for automatic translation)
steamcommunity . com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2625065788

Report bugs, I'll fix it.
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