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Hi just got the game and its been great. Only problem is all of a sudden my buildings devolved because they weren't getting olive oil. My storerooms are filled with olive oil, every single one has an abundance of oil. But the angoras wont sell the oil. I don't get it. I do not have stockpiling on.

Why wont they sell oil to their fellow citizens?

Derp. Presses got destroyed in a fire. Forgot to rebuild them. This thread can be deleted.
Post edited April 18, 2014 by ElvenSquirrel
maybe the olive oil is too far away for the collectors to pick up? in which case you should build a storehouse closer and set them to 'get' olive oil

edit: just noticed it got fixed lol
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what i like to do, if im flush with workers, is build 1 store house and tell it to get 8 oil 8 fleece. if its elite house 8 wine as well

*edit* wrong number on the get
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