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i was editing the building data and it tells you what everything but the final 4 # are for. i didnt want to try messing with it myself incase the game imploded on me and thought id ask to see if anyone knows what they are.
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No clue. But your post is intriguing.... Watcha doing?
muttly13: No clue. But your post is intriguing.... Watcha doing?
dropped the levels of pop that become soldiers, lowered pop cap, increeased rate of damage/fires/disease, increased workers in each building, lowered radius of beauty, increased beauty req for upgrades/downgrades.

basically made highest dif much harder cuz i apparently hate myself. was pretty terrible but i managed to complete the first campaign without deleting the game so theres a + :D

on the easiest dif i did the opposite. couldnt get damage/fires/disease turned off completely though. best i could do was just delay their trigger. not that it mattered on easiest though. also increased tax multiplier. turns out 50 is stupid high and anything above 10 can almost negate the need to export.

from this i learned to avoid messing with % of pop that becomes soldiers too much and not to up the amount of armor/horse elite housing can hold since it gets freaky and unstable around 40 each. prob something to do with so many spawning at once when att/def orders given

also some issue popped up where the game was having trouble calculating how much people i could feed with stored food. ended up with 50 gran and being told i could feed anywhere between 15-24k. i think part of the issue was diseases popped up so often it couldnt keep up with the changes of moving out/in and the increased pop created a higher demand for food that i couldnt see a multiplier for in the coding so i couldnt plan for it properly without just spamming grans and seeing how it went.
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