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I have the game pathched with wildscreen, and it runs well except a little display problem.
it seems like some wrong picture misplaced at the right bottom of the screen, either on Win10 or Win10 it's the same promlem. The patche resolution is 1600*900, and if use patch resolution 1920*1080 the situation get even worse, it will just dispaly a black area at that arae, and also it will diaplay a rectangle black area at the top right on the screen.
Any suggesions ? thx a lot
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You are using deprecated widescreen patches (by JackFuste 2012)
community . pcgamingwiki . com/files/file/1767-zeus-widescreen-fix/
www . moddb . com/mods/zeus-and-poseidon-full-hd-enfr/

Use new Resizer (by XJDHDR, 2021) - "Zeus and Poseidon Resolution Customiser"
www . gog . com/forum/zeus_poseidon_acropolis/zeus_poseidon_resolution_customiser
www . nexusmods . com/zeusmasterofolympus/mods/1
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