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建筑有人但是显示无人,并且神明只能卡在出来的地方,而且在最后一个教程里的城市,虽然建筑显示有人但他们都是不动的卡在那里。有什么办法解决这个问题,不然神都不会动这游戏也没法玩(There are people in the building but no one is shown, and the gods can only be stuck in the place where they come out. In the last tutorial, although there are people in the building, they are all stuck there. There is no way to solve this problem, otherwise God will not be able to play this game)
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1) Popular issue, REBOOT helps.
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@Pecunia, 19 Apr 2021
Restart your computer. All Impressions citybuilding games have this clock-related bug where animations stop working after you leave your computer on (or sleeping) for about 24 days. Restarting your computer resets it. Or wait 24 more days until the animations return automatically...
2) "Unofficial Poseidon animation fix patch (widescreen edition)"
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