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I spent much of last night searching the 'net for a solution to my problem but, although I found a patch on ZeusHeaven for the slow God animation that works, I still haven't found a way to fix my audio issue.

The issue is only with the voices of the Gods and sometimes the Heroes. When a game is loaded the first Immortal will always speak their first line of dialogue as intended. Afterwards, any other Gods showing up in the city to elicit your worship are mute.

I tried to turn off anything in the background that might use my speakers while playing. I put the game into Win XP pack 3 compatibility mode and set it to always run as administrator. I disabled and re-enabled my speakers, disabled my mic, and a few other actions I've seen suggested for the animation speed issue. I hoped it would work as I thought the animation and sound issues were linked.

As far as I can tell, there are no other sound problems. No stuttering in the music and no other voices affected. It's irritating because some of the main nostalgia factors for me are the Gods popping up to cajole you. Can anybody give me any advice?

I'm using my Windows 10 laptop that was almost top line about four years ago and my partner's year-old custom built PC rig. I know next to nothing about computers so I don't know if you need the specs of both machines. I can add them in if it'll help.

Thank you for reading this.

[EDIT: my workaround right now is saving the game after a God or Immortal shows up, exiting via 'new adventure', then reloading the game. This means the next voice fires properly. But it's tiresome to do and I wish I understood what's wrong.]
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