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Dear all.

I tried to run zeus in windowed mode, when the game runs in full screen mode it worked. However, once i alt+entered in the loading screen, the screen blacks out and minimize itself. I tried to run the game again but it still didn't work, even after alt+entering again and reinstalling the game after wiping all data during the black screen.

Compatibility mode and run as administrator were used .Games were reinstalled + verified on gog galaxy.

My spec is:

Windows 8.1
Intel core i7 4770
Nvidia GTX 760
16 GB Ram
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To run Windowed Mode, it is very important:
1) To lower the Color Rendering to 16bit
2) Scaling equal 100%

For Windows 10, it is possible to set options only for the Game
(to avoid changes to the entire System)
Right click on the .EXE
Properties =>Compatibility =>LowColorMode =>16bit
Properties =>Compatibility =>HighDPISettings
check the box OverrideScalingBehaviour and "Application"

For Windows 7, you will have to set options of the entire System
Start =>ControlPanel =>Screen =>Resolution =>AdvancedSettings =>Monitor =>Color Quality =>16bit
Start =>ControlPanel =>Screen =>EaseScreenReader =>Small-100%