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So i could just not get the game to start, i am runnig windows 7 pro 64bit.

After some experimenting/tinkering i discovered that if you rename 'Zeus_Intro.bik' & 'Zeus_Intro_HiQ.bik' to 'Zeus_Intro.bak' & 'Zeus_Intro_HiQ.bak' within 'zeus and poseidon/binks folder - the game will run.

It appears the videos where causing the crash to desktop.

I hope this helps some people.
Post edited April 15, 2013 by apg
Indeed that helped. Thanks for the hint, was playing around with compatibility modes and resolutions and looking for an options file before visiting this forum. Tried a couple of other things, but it seems to be the intro.
At least now I could load into the game.