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So I kinda returned to the game after so many years. And I noticed something different.

Previously, if You built Apollo's Temple, the god would kill any monsters sent against Your city. And it used to be like that.
But now... He can't. He just stands and exchanges brows with monsters, until they get bored and move away.

This might be problematic for Ithaca mission, since having Apollo kill those monsters without Odysseus makes that scenatio just a little easier.

What happened here?
sounds like something broke during an update. updating windows breaks the f out of this game so you need to reinstall it each time.

i havent heard of this specific bug before but it seems similar to the issues the gods have in general.

just to be sure though, did you edit any of the god's data?
Post edited October 18, 2020 by Aranwen1
There's a fan patch that was made to fix some animation-related issues, especially regarding gods, maybe it would help:
or widescreen