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Bought this game during the sale, installed it via Gog Galaxy 2.0 beta, launched, the small ZED splash screen comes up, it full screens to black, then I get a fatal error dialog, click okay, and the game is gone.

I'm tempted to get facetious about a one screen, one button game I downloaded 8 gigs for, but apparently something is really wrong.

Okay so, troubleshooting, I've already verified the files, twice, and made sure to run the third party distro installer (UE prerequisites) . I can't find any error logs. Any suggestions?
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After some further testing,

Run as Admin did nothing.
Uninstalling, reinstalling, did nothing.
Manually running the UE4 Prerequisite installer did nothing.

I DID manage to find crash logs after some deep digging, I will be attaching those. (or not, the GOG forums only accept images...)

Is there somewhere I can reach out to for more official support then the friendly people in the forums, perhaps?

Also of further note, I wondered if having it installed on an SSD was throwing something off (too fast maybe) so I reinstalled it to a regular platter drive, and that also did not solve the issue.
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