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Hi peeps,

Can anyone help me? I can't seem to pause the game. I've had to leave it running a few times and when I've come back both Leslie and Melissa are dead because I didn't top up their oxygen.

Being able to pause it would be a lifesaver.

Just press the space bar. If you press F5 (which shows the menu to load, save, exit, etc.) the game is also technically paused while the menu is on screen.

In the following page you can find all the hotkeys for games running through ScummVM, as Zak does, and the link goes specifically to the part for LucasArts adventures:

General advise for any game: Don't be afraid to just press keys at random to see what they do. Worst thing that could happen by pressing a single key, is losing your progress. But if you try out the keys just when you start out, it's no big deal.