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No new release date announced unfortunately, but it looks like PC players will have to wait a while longer before getting to play this once :(

Update, more recent update on where the game is:

Hello Everyone,

Firstly, we’d like to thank everyone’s patience and understanding with the delayed PC release of Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA. We have not determined an official PC release date for Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA, but we will continue provide the community responsive updates for the release as they emerge.

We have been trying to resolve important gameplay issues that we feel would compromise the playability and stability of the game. Unfortunately, we were unable to fix those issues to our satisfaction before the launch.

The issues proved to be more complicated than we thought and we overestimated our ability to fix them in time. For that, we are truly sorry. We take full responsibility for these problems. Fans of this game and this series have let their expectations be known and we aim to achieve them.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the fans and beta testers for their feedback. We are deeply grateful for all of the constructive criticism and we will take the communities’ critiques to improve our PC porting in the future.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

We would now like to inform you all of what you can expect from us from here on out.

First, we believe that the majority of the major control issues with Keyboard+Mouse and display/resolution-related issues have been taken care of.

Second, we will be prioritizing development resources in the following categories:

Random crashes
Language-related issues

Fixing the above may result in additional issues that arise, but we feel that we must prioritize our focus on these three.

We have a good understanding of what is currently causing issues 1 and 2 and how to fix them, but because issues 1 and 2 are closely tied to gameplay, we are having trouble solving the issues permanently.

Issue 3 is taking more time than we estimated to fix because we require so much information to adequately understand what exactly is going wrong. Fixes in one area can lead to something breaking in another, and thus we have to take more time to fix these issues.

Resolving Issue 1 and 2 is estimated to take 2 weeks to fix. Once Issue 1 and 2 are fixed, we will proceed with Issue 3.

We want to assure you that we are doing our very best to deliver a stable game for everyone who wants to play Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA, regardless of platform.

Thank you very much.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------
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I was thinking about posting some vitriol crap, but after reading the entire post, I'm willing to give NISA the benefit of the doubt. I just pre-ordered Ys VIII, and I hope it will deliver. Take your time, as long as you make the game better.
I went ahead and triple-dipped on this one (PC, PS4 & Vita) because well, it's Ys. I've been loving this on PS4 so far, and am sure this will be amazing on PC as well. Bringing back jumping while keeping the dodge roll is nice, especially when you can now roll in midair (nice for extra distance on platform jumps).

Thank you so much NISA, and hang in there. Once the issues are all straightened out, I'm sure the PC version will be at least this awesome.
Welp, as for me, I asked for a refund.

I just really disliked the game being delayed so soon before its originally announced release date.
I'm afraid that the game would still be a mess after release, or would come in a very long time.

I'm not usually the kind of person asking for refunds, but the lack of news for so long is disheartening, especially in a context where other big games are out soon (Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade 2, to name a few...)

Kudos to GOG for handling my request so fast.
I think I will eventually buy this game again, but not before I'm assured that it's actually out and that the performance and translation issues are ironed out.

So maybe in the summer sales I guess?
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There is new information available in the steam forums, here is the link:

To make it short: The (steam) release can be expected in mid-December, around two months from now.

Edit: Much time has passed and whoever wants to know it may already know, but it'd still like to update my old post here.
Apparently, the game will be released on Tuesday, January 30th.
Let's hope it will work well with the release here on as well!

And here is the link to the information:
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From twitter, 4 hours ago

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA for Steam and will be available on April 16th, 2018! Get washed away into Adol Christin next great adventure one week from today, dood! #YSVIII @NISAmerica #Steam @nihonfalcom
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auratsuka: From twitter, 4 hours ago

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA for Steam and will be available on April 16th, 2018! Get washed away into Adol Christin next great adventure one week from today, dood! #YSVIII @NISAmerica #Steam @nihonfalcom
Let's be honest, here... I want to be hyped for this, I really do, because I'm a huge Nihon Falcom fan, and Ys is my favourite series of theirs, but after two delays (the last one being an "indefinite" one), I can no longer trust NISA on this with anything they say and promise. I don't want to be unfair towards them, but you don't mess up an Ys game launch, these days; it's probably Falcom's best known franchise outside of Japan (closely followed by the Legend of Heroes series -- and subseries, currently Trails of Cold Steel), having the western market's publishing rights to an Ys game is a big deal, and NISA screwed it with a MAJOR release.

One could argue that "well, no biggie, Japanese games are only big on consoles, anyway, it's 'just' a PC release", but bear in mind that, despite everything, Nihon Falcom *did* start as a PC games developer -- Ys, Dragon Slayer/Xanadu, Brandish: all of them released originally by Falcom, not on consoles, but on the PC (Ys, Dragon Slayer and Xanadu first released on the PC-88, soon after on the X1, PC-9801, FM-7, and MSX2 computers; Brandish developed for the NEC PC-9801 and FM Towns). The console ports of these classic games, which are sometimes more recognizable, were not even developed by Nihon Falcom. So, yeah, releasing a Falcom game on the PC *is* a big deal, considering their history and pedigree as Japan's greatest and oldest PC game developer, when every other studio was only focusing on consoles. Sure, they have been focusing on consoles with their latest releases (Xanadu Next on the N-Gage, Trails in the Sky on the PSP -- same as Ys Seven --, Memories of Celceta and Toxyo Xanadu on the PSVita, etc), but they do have a proud history as PC game devs, and studios like XSEED and Aksys respect that, they make a big deal out of releasing a Falcom game on the PC, whereas NISA couldn't care less, as long as they make all their money from the Vita, PS4 and Switch releases of Lacrimosa of Dana.

In short, though I'm happy that NISA brought Ys VIII to GOG, and I'll always be thankful for that, I truly hope Nihon Falcom never again gives them the rights to publish one of their games in the West, especially not an Ys title. Let XSEED keep doing what they have been doing masterfully all these years, with the respect they've always shown for the Falcom games they publish, be it on consoles or PC. And let's hope this April 16th deadline is kept, though it wouldn't surprise me if it ended in yet another delay, all things considered.

N.B.: as a side note, I'm glad Ys VIII brought NISA to GOG, since we ended up with Goichi Suda's PC version of The 25th Ward: The Silver Case, which NISA also publishes. So not everything is bad. Just stay clear of any more Falcom games, please, "doods".

[EDIT] Oh, and, for the record, that tweet (and its homologous Facebook post) originally said "[...] Get washed away into Adol CHRISTIAN [...]", which doesn't bode very well for a *localisation* company. They can't even spell the protagonist's name right. Plus, it should be "into Adol Christin's next great adventure", they're still missing the possessive. Not to sound like a grammar nazi, here, but, hey!, they're TRANSLATING the game, so I'm kind of expecting proper English (and whatever other languages they -- poorly -- localised the game into).
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Steam preload is up so I'm guessing it will really happen this time. 11GB supposedly.
Oh, look, June release on GOG while their tweet clearly said April 13th release on both Steam and GOG!

Way to go, NISA! Screw us GOG customers one last time, why don't you?
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