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As we get closer to the release of Ys VI on PC, there are now localization blog entries being posted on the game from time to time. The first part has now been posted, and you can see the link down below.

Highlights from the first entry:
- Using a new translation from the same person who translated Memories of Celceta (Vita-only at the moment)
- Adds a new optional game mode to bring this version of the game closer to the other PC entries Oath and Origin.
- Adds the PS2 versions' ability to teleport between save points after you've acquired a specific item.
- Adds proper widescreen compatibility the original JPN version didn't have
- Teasing a cool something extra ("possibly a little something extra if the stars align just right"); this might be in reference to the extra levels that only existed in Konami's PS2 version and/or the possibility of optional 3D models/voice acting/additional music that was also exclusive to Konami's PS2 port.
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