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Just picked up ys Origin and Ys 6. Ys origin is happy and plays along just fine. Ys 6 produces nothing but a Black Screen when I start the game.

There is also no audio. Even though Task Manager says the program is running it really seems hung to me. When I kill the Application I also have to kill the Process (so now I just kill the whole Process Tree).

Both ys6_win.exe or ys6_win_dx9.exe result in a Black Screen. I've tried not playing any movies (not sure that affects opening movies but it was worth a try). This occurs regardless of the resolution I have set for the game.

Any thoughts what to check on? I'd really like to get this going so I don't have to push for a refund. Rather have the game than the money, but if it doesn't work for me I'll settle for a refund.

I'm running Win7 Pro 64-bit on a laptop. There is no other screen or system available to me.

Was thinking I've been installing and testing several games and maybe the DX9 files got messed up. So I reinstalled DX9 and Ys 6 starts up. At least I got the Title page, not sure after that..
Post edited March 23, 2016 by chricton