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So, I returned to Memories of Celceta to finally finish the game. Everything worked fine til Danan village. After speaking to elder, he wants to "show something", game starts a cut scene, but that scene never ends. It freezes with all party members approaching a location. From then, all I hear is sound of footsteps while characters are standing still and nothing happened. Even tried to fast forward in case it is a NPC lagging behind, but no - no matter how long I wait, nothing changes. Sufficent to say, this is game breaking glitch.

Anyone else encountered it and found a solution? So far, I tried:

- veryfing game files (Galaxy downloaded additional 111 mb)
- set the game to single core as suggested on different forum - didn't work
- using full screen mode (used borderless window previously) - didn't work
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Fixed. For some reason, Ozma was misplaced in cutscene in higher resolution. Playing the scene in window mode lower res (1024x768 worked for me) fixed it. Finally can proceed
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