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I am thinking I might want to replay Ys III in the not-so-distant future. I remember playing the SNES version years ago, and I think I might want to revisit that game. Which version would be best? (Also, what are the differences between versions?)

Also, before anybody suggests it, Oath in Felghana is not being considered (the game is radically different from Wanderers of Ys; the way rings work is just one of many major differences), so please don't suggest it. (For the record, I *have* played and enjoyed OaF, but that's not the game I'm interested in at the moment.)
Here's your answer. Ys III starts at 9:18:
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I heard the PC Engine version also has story changes compared to the original PC-88, but I can't tell it by myself. Only played the PC-Engine version and Oath of Felghana, but Oath of Felghana has much better story elements than the other. The ending was changed to fit more the original Ys setting.

As a little trivia only Ys III / Oath of Felghana has info about when it takes place (right after Ys II). The other games has no chronological info other than what the developer said long after the game's release.
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