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I installed the native Linux version of Yooka Laylee and would like to now how did you test and play the game with multiple local players?

The only way of PC multiplayer games I know are those which use separate keys on the same keyboard (many years ago). This obviously does not work because I remember the game having no button remapping settings and I cannot set different player actions to different keys on the same keyboard. The Controller input wasn't recognized either so I had to remap it to the standard keyboard keys. If I do that for all controllers, than all controllers control just the 1st player. If it helps, I can map input keys to arbitary key events (I have 4 GameCube-Controllers available) but I need to know which key events are used by player 2, player 3 and player 4.

Or what is the proper way of playing with multiple people locally?

Is there a way with Lutris or Heroic Games Launcher?

I asking this myself for some time already and really would like to have a userful answer.

While the Linux version of Yooka-Laylee boasts local multiplayer, it's limited to a set of mini-games for up to four players. These mini-games are separate from the main story and require individual controllers for each participant. Unfortunately, directly remapping all controllers to the keyboard won't achieve local co-op – it would simply make all controllers control Player.

If you're looking for a local co-op experience in the main story, the Linux version currently doesn't support it. You might need to explore alternative solutions on different platforms to enjoy the co-op campaign.

I hope the information may helps you.