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I miss the days when games used to launch on their lauch day rather than the day after. For some places Yooka-Laylee is becoming available on the 12th. :/
Post edited April 11, 2017 by Cyberspark
Okay, it's 4 pm now in Germany and the game still isn't available. Does
someone know to which time zone the release date applies? I really want
to play the game now!
gog timer says 6h 35min ... steam timer says 2h

so its 6pm on steam and 11pm for gog

guess i have to wait since i have chosen the gog version in the backerkit survey -.-
(still hoping its a timer bug though)
Post edited April 11, 2017 by meonfire
Very disapointing. But we can't change it. :-/ I don't look at the reviews on youtube or any websites. I want the experience for myself. :-)
It's live!

Post edited April 11, 2017 by CountDuckula
Despite being annoyed about the release time, I have to say that the game downloaded and installed fairly quickly using GOG Galaxy.