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Changelog for [SPOILERS] Patch V1.0.3

- Agents will correctly appear during
- If you have no ally for , you can still win the game
- If you run out of army during , the game will end correctly (game over slide)
- Loading will not give the enemy a negative army
- Lena won't turn up in w31 if she was
- You won't be able to pick up the wool or fabric more than once
- During the Jaros quest, if Audry is , he won't speak in the background
- Peasants in the will behave correctly when dealing out supplies
- Dusty will not be there if he's not supposed to be
- Fixed Gold for Rod asking for one gold but giving you two instead
- Fixed the two wrong resource types (building Kolovrat and Marzanna)

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[SPOILERS] Patch V1.0.4 (8 March 2020):

- Lorsulia won't appear at the wall if she's not supposed to
- Asalia won't re-appear if you decide to give her to king Vaird (after she runs away)
- Names for your newborns will be now correct
- You won't be able to ally with Etton and Lurs both at the same time
- Sending Lorsulia letter about Slippers will now work correctly and allow you to send other letters in the future
- You won't get negative army from lords after turn 30
- Pressing Esc will now close the evidence table
- You will be able to interact with the old fabric at the wall to make gift for Aurelea
- Clicking on Jovan Soldier won’t break Jovan anymore (he won’t repeat his ally dialogue)
- Rooster in French will not display var: anymore
- Crop problems quest will now say 2W instead of 3W for sending the witch
- You will be able to ask the witch to look into the phial, even if you told her not to do it the first time around

Standalone installer updated (V1.0 ⇒ V1.0.5): 09 March 2020 (a typo/version mismatch somewhere?)
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Changelog for [SPOILERS] Patch V1.0.6 (9 March 2020):

- Fixed bug with Jovan triggering same story part multiple times
- Fixed Not being able to click on the Soldier
- Fixed Queue not working probeprly if you click on Noaksy / Jovan in weird orders
- Fixed the russian incantation during Ritual
- Fixed Asalia Active marker if you
- Asalia will trigger the correct dialogue after the
- Updated Splash screens to have FMOD
- Updated Credits so they end correctly
- Battle GUI won't appear in MAin menu after exiting from Captions Screen during Siege
- Updated Polish Translation with some spelling fixes

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Changelog for [SPOILERS] Patch V1.0.7 (10 March 2020):

- Lord Jovan's story won't remove from the map, meaning you can complete
- Items will now appear in inventory in the correct order so that you can always make a gift for Aurelea
- Giving the Scarf to Cedani on Turn 44 will now work correctly
- Sweet Deal quest won't add twice to the Quest Log
- Cinematic Mode will turn off during when you walk up the tower
- You won't be able to invite Lord Etton or the Dragonslayer if you during the Royal Trial
- Sending Agent on a map, and later on a mission in their room, won't crash the game anymore

Standalone installer updated (V1.0.5 ⇒ V1.0.7): 11 March 2020.
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Changelog for [SPOILERS] Patch V1.0.8/9 (12 March 2020):

- Lords after the first battle won't break the player's resource values
- Cedani won't talk if she's not there when petting the
- Fixed Typos
- Added fixes to French translations

- Fixed bug with not feeding family, soldiers and peasants during
- Fixed a bug where you can
- Added frame rate cap to 300fps max
- Added option to turn off / on VSync

Standalone installer updated: V1.0.7 ⇒ V1.0.8.

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Standalone installer updated (V1.0.8 ⇒ V1.0.10): 16 March 2020.
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Changelog for [SPOILERS] Patch V1.0.11 (25 March 2020):

- Fixed resolution problems. The game will now display all GUI's correctly on all aspect ratios.
- King Varid's Army icon won't overlap the number in Allies Panel
- Fixed Map GUI for different ratios
- You won't be able to use needles on the crack in the pavement if it's after Royal Trial

Standalone installer updated: V1.0.10 ⇒ V1.0.11.

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Standalone installer updated (V1.0.11 ⇒ V1.0.13): 17 June 2020 (no changelog).

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Standalone installer updated (V1.0.13 ⇒ V1.0.14): 25 June 2020 (no changelog).

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

Standalone installer updated (V1.0.14 ⇒ V1.0.15): 19 August 2020 (no changelog).

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

Standalone installer updated ( V1.0.15 ⇒ V1.0.16): 21 August 2020 (no changelog).
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Changelog for [SPOILERS] Patch V1.0.17 (01 October 2020):

- Russian Translation has now been redone
- Fixes to German Localisation
- "General Sent!, Witch Sent, Hunter Sent!" will now display translated text when playing in other languages
- Changes in Weekly Income GUI so it displays translations correctly
- Quest log will now correctly reset when replaying the game in other languages
- Explored location will now display correct text when player tries to explore it again
- Asalia won't mention the bear if you decide not to keep it
- Torlando now should come back with a reward if player helped him with his poem
- Typo Fixes in Bolties Quest
- Fixed Lost Casket Quest so that Advisor doesn't say anything if he's not available

Standalone installer updated (V1.0.16 ⇒ V1.0.17): 02 October 2020.