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This sucks! Glad I purchased the game when it was released on gog. I really hope the game will make a return on gog at some point , though if you had problems with Ubi , this might not happen anytime soon.
Ok, I'm really curious at this point - why was it removed, and is there any chance of it returning? I know I should probably be thankful since I already own the game on my account, but I am aware that a lot of other people might like to play it. If my reaction to the removal of Space Rangers 2 and Quake Wars from Steam is any indication, I know how bad that can feel.
Cobaltmotari: Ok, I'm really curious at this point - why was it removed, and is there any chance of it returning?
I presume it was removed because the licensing deal (between Ubisoft and the owner of the comic series) has ended and most likely GOG doesn't have any more information on this.
gibbeynator: Will it be gone for good, or will you be working to get it back?
DCT: Good question, I guess it would depend on why the game is being pulled. More then likely Ubisoft's licence to use XII has finally expired and probably felt it was not worth renewing or couldn't renew it, and given that Ubisoft still owns the rights to the game itself as it was made by their Paris division/studio then I wouldn't hold my breath as it would require Ubisoft and whatever parties attached to the XII licence to come some sort of a agreement and a more then likely revenue split between all parties.

Now if Ubisoft decided to sell their rights to the game to whoever(pending of course Whoever has licensed the rights to the XII ip) then GOG would need to ink a new deal with said group/company.
Good thing it was DRM-free. I've got it copied to my external hard-drive for safe keeping.
I only just found out that it's not on GOG any more. That's quite a big shame, I never finished the game on my PS2.

I'm hoping it'll return some day, but I'm guessing if it's been missing since 2012 it's been lost to the sands of time.