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Let's hope that this means GOG will have the game back in the store again.
Best news I've heard today
Hi! Do you have a copy game from own library (who purchased it before GOG remove it)?
I need to know number of latest version
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as long as it doesnt end on a cliffhanger, i'm fine with it being a remake.
I've read some information about this remake : strict minimum, as we say !

and of course 49 EUR in the end for a game with few light effect here and there but the same awful AI..!
At least there will be a good support of joysticks since the developer will launch this game on PC, PS4, etc.
Slick_JMista: as long as it doesnt end on a cliffhanger, i'm fine with it being a remake.
The remake was posponed until 2020. -.-
and still no news...
landyvlad: and still no news...
I'd rather they take as much time as they can with this, even if the push back into this current year was originally supposed to be for this month.

As long as the original game is still available here on GOG, it's still a fair compromise until the remake actually gets itself out the door.
The XIII remake page is up on gog right now.
Somewhat quietly, the original release made its way back to Steam as well. But on top of that, the remake page got some updates and a pre-order (who doesn't love those?, asked no one with any serious intonation).

What seems to be a weird trend, the remake has gold weapon skins.

But the updated screens show changes in the environment lighting that look nice, if not oddly jarring against the cel-shaded remainder.

No updates to the GOG store page, yet at least.