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Now that I've overcome the quicksave bug that forced me to start over from scratch, I've reached the impossible McCall boss-fight. At least the insane doctor guy a few levels back used projectile weapons I could dodge. It seems no matter where I go or where I hide, McCall is able to wittle my health down to zero with a few shots.

Is there any way to kill him that doesn't involve cheats? Shooting him means exposing myself from cover, which means death after a few seconds. And since he has like 1000 health it's a pretty cheap fight even with the 200 rounds left in my assault rifle. Don't think I'll even have enough ammo. There's nothing hidden away in the sheds nearby either. Lame.

Any advice? Cheats? Otherwise I'm pretty much over this game.
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Firstly, keep a healthy distance from him.

When shooting, try to aim and don't be too long uncovered.

Grenades and AR grenades should be used now, if available.

If I recall, there's some M60 ammo spawned in the area.

If you didn't do already, set your difficulty to "Arcade".

If you think you wasted too much ammo before (and all grenades), you should consider replaying the level perhaps.
I managed to beat him on realistic but it was in a kind of cheaty way.

I ran to the guard shack on the right and he stood on the opposite side of the wall to me. I creeped to the right until I could just see his left arm through the doorway and shot it multiple times with the handgun until he died. He kept standing there and may have been firing into the wall. Can't remember now.
AR grenades are the key here, as two or three will take down anyone on normal; save them for use in boss fights.