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Hey everyone.

I recently bought this game after remembering really enjoying it on Xbox 1. It's not as good as I remember, really.

Anyway, I played to the bank level in my first session and then took a break, then came back later and played from the bank to the snow level in one sitting. However, that didn't save so now I'm back at the bank and I really cannot be bothered to play through those 3 levels again. Does anybody know if it's possible to skip ahead to where I was? There seems to be a cheat for Playstation 2 but not for PC (that I can find.) However, there is a console for PC so maybe it's doable through that.

Any help is appreciated.
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Not a perfect solution, but has literally every save game you could need to skip you to anywhere in the game. Useful if anyone has the same problem as me.

Would still like a console command or something, though

use SWITCHLEVEL, followed by the internal level identifier:

Plage00 - Brighton Beach I
Plage01 - Brighton Beach II
Banque01 - Winslow Bank
Amos01 - FBI
Toits01 - Major Jones
Hual01a - Emerald Base bridge
Hual01b - Emerald Base roof
Hual02 - Carrington's cell
Hual04a - Cable car station
Hual04c - Cable car
Kello01a - Kellownee Lake
Kello01b - Kellownee hideout
PRock01a - Plain Rock
PRock03 - Doc Johansson
PRock04a - Canyon I
PRock04b - Canyon II
Spads01 - Sewage
Spads02a - SPADS camp
Spads02b - McCall
Base01 - Submarine base
SMarin01 - Submarine I
SMarin02 - Submarine II
USA01 - Sabotage
USA02 - Quay 33
Palace01 - Bristol Suites Hotel
Sanc01 - Sanctuary garden
Sanc02a - Sanctuary hall
Sanc02b - Sanctuary crypt
Sanc03 - Sanctuary cliff
SSH101a - SSH1 base admission
SSH101b - SSH1 trap
SSH101c - Total Red
SSH102b - SSH1 final
Bateau01 - Lady Bee

Kind Regards
F2 brings up the console for the SWITCHLEVEL command.