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Ok, I realize that XIII has a dynamic hud / comic interface to show you what's happening in game, but I was wondering if there was a console command to disable the normal hud (like the health and ammo readout that's always on the screen).

I like to play all my games hud free (hence my user name). I've been searching for a while and can't find any information. It's built on Unreal Engine 2, but Unreal games aren't consistent with console commands. I still can't disable the hud in Splinter Cell for example.
I found this command for Unreal Tournament 2003 (it supposedly uses the same engine as XIII).

Could someone who has XIII test this command and see if it turns off the hud?

Open your console and type:


I had one last chance to get XIII before it was removed from the catalog, so I took the chance that I'd be able to turn off the hud.

I can't.

showhud doesn't do anything. Neither does hidehud, togglehud, or any other console command for any unreal game or other game that I know of.

The game itself is ok. The constant hud kind of takes me out of the experience. I feel like I'm playing an average game versus immersing myself in another world and story.

And why did the hot lifeguard have to die? She should have been the main female role in the game. Oh well.
I held a contest to see if anyone could figure it out. the user "drennan" created a mod for XIII to disable the hud. Here it is:

That's the link he provided. I ran it through virus total and it's completely clean, but you're welcome to do so as well.

I've attached a picture to show XIII without the hud.
xiii.jpg (248 Kb)
I just wanted to confirm that this mod works perfectly for me. Thanks for uploading it. :)