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If you do, may I interest you in trading it for something else from GOG? PM me what you want.
I'd also love to get my hands on a code for this game. I recently tried to install the game by using my old CD-ROMs, but they don't seem to work anymore. :(
Although I doubt there's a single gift code left out there by now, I'd gladly trade it for something else as well.
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Wish I would have thought to buy several gift codes for this game when I had the chance.

You can buy it on ebay though (I just checked). So, at least you still have an option.
If there is someone still holding onto an old gift code for this, I'd be very interested in it. I can trade a code with more than one of some more expensive games.
I am regretting not buying it at the time, but I had just signed up with GOG and was new to the whole buying digital downloads.
I was unaware that the actual disc carries some nasty DRM.
There are ways to get the disc version to run on a modern PC
There's a site shows you how
search google Play old PC games .com
I have not tried any yet as I am holding out that one day it is back on GOG
But it is such a great game IMO so might give it a go with my disc
Would be fantastic to see Xiii 2 but don't ever see that happening :(