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And if they're going to be re-added in the not so distant future?
If anyone already asked support and got an answer, feel free to share what you've learned.

In case you're not aware - we're talking about:
-the soundtrack
-and the manual
IDzetkni: -and the manual
It's still there, as pointed out in this post. The remainder of the removed extras, as again mentioned there, are not.
a friend of mine made a backup a few years ago where all was still there from some of the extras.
he gave it to me and i uploaded it to my onedrive.

here is the link:!AnX_9Wf4LFMHiDrbHHC3V_1B6wvB

included are:

-manual (only english)
Bloodpatcher: a friend of mine...
You can say "user I don't know in any sense uploaded all bonus content to torrent and/or non-sanctioned download site". It's okay, no one will judge.
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