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I finally got the game installed on my PC.
Is there anyway to crank the resolution up to 4K and display in widescreen.
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Hi tracnom64,

You can set custom settings via file editing. For that, you need to edit two files in XIII\System -> XIII.ini & DefUser.ini.

Resolution -> XIII.ini

Search for


and set them accordingly.

Field of View -> DefUser.ini

Search for


and set the same value for both parameters.

Attention: The DefUser.ini is loaded only once by creating a new profile!

Please let me know if 4K does work on XIII.

For alternative resolution/FOV combinations you can find information on:

Kind Regards
Browse to the \System directory in the game's folder.
Open the XIII.ini file with a text editor and change FullscreenViewportX=800 to FullscreenViewportX=3840 and FullscreenViewportY=600 to FullscreenViewportY=2160, then save.
The game should now play in wide (16:9) 4K resolution but, since the default resolution is 800x600 (4:3), the image should be stretched horizontally. To correct this, open the DefUser.ini file with the usual text editor and change DesiredFOV=85.000000 to DesiredFOV=101.400000 and DefaultFOV=85.000000 to DefaultFOV=101.400000, then save.