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I am a KS pledger of the project since the beginning... I was glad that the KS Campaign allowed to get GOG version straight from the start as well...

The project got some delay, some fallback and (sadly imho) the community feedbacks forced the devs to dismiss several ideas and gameplay elements that would have made this sequel game a bit different from the first but people obviously preferred no change in the recipe and basically same thing as Xenonauts 1st... Anyway...

So, since the official "release", or i shall consider it as an official "early access" release, on GOG (and probably steam as well, not that i care about steam), and so the game is accordingly tagged with "in dev" status on GOG's store page, it of course appeared as downloadable in my GOG library as i redeemed my KS reward key long ago...

Today (august 30th) i download the latest available build from my library and install it, and... the game greets me with a mention of an embargo forbidding me to show the current build "until official early access release"

My question is: considering the game released as in dev/early access on various stores including here on GOG, can it be considered as "early access release" ? or is the embargo still in effect ?

Thank you for any information on that matter...
This question / problem has been solved by goldfishfingersimage
Yes, the game was released on 18 July. It was the Early Access release

According to

everyone is free to stream the game now as the embargo has now passed.