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Doubt many will read this, but there might be a few people interested in what's going on with the Beta, so here's a quick rundown.

The current Beta is v9.1. During development, certain aspects of the game have changed quite radically from what you saw in the demo. The biggest changes have been to the base systems and the air combat. They had both up to v6, been different to x1. The base system had been based upon FiraXCOM's side-on anthill and the air combat had been turn based. Well, both of those vanished. v7 and v8 saw the anthill ripped out and replaced with Xcom 1994 style top-down base construction, and v9 has seen the turn-based air combat system replaced with X1's real-time system. So currently, X2 is a LOT like X1. I mean, if you were being uncharitable, you could call X2 "Xenonauts 3D", but even its its urrent state it's a pretty fun game and now there's a solid base to build things on. Don't anyone get their hopes up before hristmas, though. I don't imagine it'll be ready until after Christmas - there's just been too many changes to basic functions in the game that have happened in the last few months for it to be ready an time soon.
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Thank you!
Thank you for the info, waiting much more comfortable this way.
This game is the last hope for true X-COM for me.
Thanks for the update.
Always good to know what is going on.
Will this have a cold war era feeling?
Would be cool to have soviet vs usa tech style :)
They could even fight each other while the ufos invade