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When I try to run X-Com: Enforcer, it goes fullscreen, gets just a couple of frames into the first into video and then it always freezes and crashes to desktop. This happens regardless of which video device I have set, this happens if I try running the game in its safe mode. I've tried all I could think of. I tried running the game executable as administrator or in different compatibility modes. I tried using dgVoodoo instead of nGlide for the game. I thought maybe it's a video codex issue, so I downloaded and installed RAD Tools which from what I understand includes the Bink video codec. That also did not help.

I am completely at a loss. Does anyone have any ideas what might help? I'm on Windows 10 with GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card, if that might have anything to do with anything.
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Just a few hours after posting that, I managed to find the answer myself in a lone Steam forum post. Turning off Data Execution Protection on Windows 10 lets the game run properly. There is an exception list in the settings, but for whatever reason that is not sufficient, I have to just disable DEP completely.
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