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I just ran across this very frustrating bug. Does anyone know how to fix it?

When I had this game on disk I finally stopped playing because it would keep freezing during combat. Specifically when the resolution part of combat when the aliens were moving and firing.

I had hope that this was just me and my old computer. I unfortunately just ran into it again tonight. Does anyone know of a fix for this?

This is a combat issue during turn based combat. Durinmg the alien phase of combat the game will just freeze. There is still animation and the music is still playing, but the alien phase will never finish.
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I think I remember having that problem back in the day, too. I beileve that's why I switched to using real-time combat (which I found I preferred in that game).

I haven't heard of any fix for this, unless its part of one of these mods/updates that the older x-com games have.
This was a memory issue. With Dosbox you can just increase available memory size to 32 mb (possibly higher).
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I found the config file and changed the memory allocation from 16 mb to 32 mb
abbayarra: Hello,
I found the config file and changed the memory allocation from 16 mb to 32 mb
Did that solve it?
I have only played a little bit but not experienced another crash. I'll have to play some more. I think you may be right as the crashes seemed to happed on big maps with a lot going on. Say I had thrown a lot of incendiary grenades with a lot of smoke and fire.
I wanted to report that it froze again. I was playing on a capture a ship mission. I had a wicked crossfire set up, I lit the central elevator and hallway on fire. I mined the exits.

A popper come down the hallway and died at the exit, blowing up.

It then froze during the final part of the unobserved alien movement.
I believe I may have finally found the fix to the freeze in combat, the game also seems to be running much better.

1. Find your dosbox.conf file in the xcom-apocalypse folder.

2, Open dosbox.conf file with Notepad

3. Find a line that reads "output=surface"

4. Change to read "output=ddraw"

5. Save the changes.