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I know it's something of a black sheep (even more than Interceptor), but I rather liked Enforcer.

Now I'm trying to play it, though, and for the life of me, I can't look up or down. I have the controls mapped, but nothing happens when I push them and now I'm in the mall level and the camera is almost directly overhead.

Anyone seen this or know a fix?
I've just finished Enforcer and I also couldn't look up or down.
I thought that it was the normal behaviour for the camera... so, in case it's a issue with the GOG release, it also happened to me.

Edit: Just forgot that there is an option to bind a key to “precise aiming” or something like that, that allows you to freely aim, but the angle of the camera doesn't change.
Post edited April 01, 2016 by Grimlock
Pretty sure that's a "feature". If you enable "mouselook" in the options, you can aim up/down but the camera remains fixed, so I wouldn't recommend it. The game was made with a fixed camera+aim in mind.