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I'm a little confused. When looking around, I can see evidence of other people playing XCOM2 multiplayer against each other. Is this not available in the GOG version, is this some sort of mod I have to install, or did a DLC add it later?
XCOM 2 has multiplayer build in its non GOG versions. The GOG version does not have multiplayer, however most of the players consider the multplayer as generally not worth it.
Hi guys,

It would be good to have MP from galaxy. And mod support too. But eh, I am already suprised that we got this game on !
Post edited March 20, 2020 by GogColonel
Thanks for the replies!

I was coming to that conclusion, but I just wanted to make sure. Maybe they'll add it in the future or something.

Was also surprised to see it on here. In any case, I'm still happy to have it.