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I just wanted to get on the bloody roof of the building in the blacksite mission, and no matter how far I zoomed out, I couldn't access the top layer. I could see it, but I could place nobody on top. Funnily, there was the option to run OVER the roof and directly jump into the complex through a roof access window, but I just couldn't place anyone on top.

So far, ladders seem almost impossible to use as in 99% of the cases, there is simply no movement grid on the upper levels, no matter how hard I try to rotate or zoom the camera. Am I missing something, or is X-COM 2 just that much of a buggy mess? I mean, I had guys literally shooting the other direction and hit enemies "in the face" with a crit, but being unable to use anything but the bottom layer severly hampers the way I can play certain maps. I had to do extensive .ini tweaking to make cutscenes barely run normal on a high end gaming pc and NEVER had any problems so far, apparently XCOM 2 was just not very well done.

Can anyone tell me if there is a trick to it? Apparently it's not supposed to be that finnicky. If it is a bug, I haven't found anything about it, did anybody encounter this as well and if so, were you able to fix it?

At this point, the game is a frustrating mess of bugs, it's hard to concentrate on the actual challenge if I have to save and reload before I try something, unknowing if it will behave as it is supposed to, especially because those jokers still didn't manage to program a bloody "undo move" button, which is literally an industry standard for these kind of games.

Sorry, didn't want to vent, but it's frustrating that a potentially good game has so many technical grievances and needless to say I appreciate any and every help in the matter. I hope you guys made better experiences so far.
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