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tarjan95: I'm still having the same problem. That is being stuck at 92%. I lack both the exe files so I can't even play the vanilla XCOM. Has anybody solved this new problem as up until recently you know the point at which both shootable files just disappeared I was able to play XCOM.
from what i can tell, theres an issue with how it counts. i had an unrealated issue and ended up reseting my whole pc, and redownloaded it again. it went to 89%, 96gb\70gb and stoped advancing while still dling. the next day when i resumed, it bumped to 91% 69gb\70gb, and dl'd, but didnt advance. after some time, it completed. i know it was activly dl'ing, as i checked my network and the usage matched what galxy was saying, so i guess just let it run over night or something. if that isnt working, have you tryied going to the xtras page and downloading the backup offline installers individually, or try useing the website to dl and not use galexy- tbh this is all i can offer.

that said, i might have a diffrent issue with the game this time, so I do think that something is haveing trouble with how it checks and varyifiys this game.
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Hi all.

Please take a look into this thread to hopefully find a workaround to the GOG Galaxy's client bugged installation.
I have reported the issue to's support team, but I have not received a reply to my ticket yet.