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I somewhat remember that I when I played the game on my previous harddrive (before it dies suddenly several months ago), my gamepad had vibrations ingame. Or am I mistaken and imaging it ? Because now, there aren't anymore. Is this normal ? (remember that I'm on a "fresh" install of Win7 64bits, and my model of gamepad aren't the most "universal")

If no, does anyone has an idea of how to fix that ? I've got TWIN USB Network Gamepad (= two PS2 pads connected through an USB adaptator). My gamepads are working well with other games, and when a xbox360 pad is required, I'm using x360ce (which doesn't work with this game apparently).
Here pad is perfectly detected by the game : I can access to the options to map the keys (but there is no vibration option ?), I simply don't seem to have vibrations while playing.
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