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So I have the game + dlcs installed, can anyone verify if Xenon K/I are capturable?

I saw a video where someone used a EMP bomb and then repaired a signal leak to capture one and also someone marked as a dev on the steam forums basically said it was "since the still valid and totally legit way to gain access to a K / I still isn't brought up i will conclude that now... .... just attach a EMP Bomb onto its Hull, trigger the Bomb and repair one of the resulting Data Leaks with the Spacesuit Rep Laser."

I am just wondering if it has been patched out.

P.s have pilots in general stopped bailing out of their ships?
Do pilots not bail from Khaak and Xenon ships?

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The Xenon are rogue terraformer ai ships, so they have no crew its basicly just a cpu core, I don't think they're captureable. The Khaak I'm unsure I think they're an Insect race, also uncapturable and unpilotable as far as I know.
I played yesterday, and the pilots/crew bailing out still happens at least the Yaki.
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At least Xenon WERE possible to board/capture BUT they went and changed that in a patch that I missed.

EDIT: Corrected the information. Not possible any longer but it used to be.
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Themken: At least Xenon are possible to board/capture unless they went and changed that in a patch that I missed.
"Fixed being able to claim ships by using EMP and repairing signal leak." from 3.00 patch notes might have been an exploit that made it possible to capture Xenon ships.

Dev comments on it @post#11 on the steam forums, it was an unintended feature, since they don't really have a cockpit and life support, since they're well, machines.
I see, thank you for correcting me.