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Linux version of X3: Reunion is unfortunately 32 bit (developers should really stop making games 32 bit already). It crashes on startup with such error message:

Running X3: Reunion
*** X3 version 2.5 (Aug 11 2015 10:28:21) ***
../src/X3/s_linux/init.cpp : XMenuInit : 254 : dStub
error opening prim. Catalog: 1

I suspect it's one of the 32 bit games affected by big XFS partitions and not being built with -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64. I'll test the workaround and update this report.

Is anyone still maintaining this port or it's already left to rot without support like happened with Brutal Legend?
Post edited November 10, 2015 by shmerl
UPDATE: Bug confirmed. The game works well in small loop XFS partition. I'm adding the game to the list:
The game works well in a small partition in xfs loop. But more to describe how you made a small partition in xfs loop. You edited it with nolargeio option or done differently. Unable to write in detail how you did it, if you do not mind