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I had the original X-Gold game, and strangely found i could set that up to run in a window more successfully than X2. Also the window seems to set itself right at the top middle of my screen (a 1920x1080 display) and cuts off a few pixels in game, so the top most readout for distance to object selected does not display fully. Don't have this issue in other games i run windowed.

In X2 you have some very weird resolution settings! e.g. after 1280x960 (currently using):


I have no idea what use those would be! I was hoping for a 1600x1024, which i can get on the older game but not on X2. Does anyone have any suggestions or success in getting more useful resolution options in window mode?

I've tried using utilities like DxWnd but while it has a profile for the original X games (Btf and Extension) it does not for X2 and i've not been able to get it to run X2.

So anyone a guru on this kind of thing?
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Edit: This Topic is 'Solved' but not sure how to add that to the main thread?

General info: I am running X2 under Windows 7 Pro with all used exe's in this small guide set to 'Administrator' privileges mode.


Ok i have a 'fix' for the issue above i was talking about. I tried many things and in the end had one solution, and just saw this thread on GOG that will help others:

That was to find a fix for the game Nox, but the basic info will work for X2 The Threat, as i will detail below.

1. use that thread above to get the latest version of the mentioned DxWnd program.

2. When you run the dxwnd.exe it will pop up a small screen with some options in it.

First we need to 'Add' X2-The Threat as it is not part of the softwares bundled game configurations. So we click:


Which will bring up the 'Main' configuration window for DxWnd. You need to look for the 'Path:' button and make sure that points to your X2.exe in the GOG installation path. Once you have that we have just a few other things to check while we keep most options as defaults (the configuration window will have those set-up when you first 'Add' a new game etc).

3. at the very bottom is the 'Window initial position&size' section. For getting X2 to position the window where i want i changed the defaults to this:

x=1 y=1 w=1600 h=1024

This was to ensure that on my native 1920x1080 display the window for X2 will start on the top left of the screen, which gives me the space on the right to run my GPU and system monitoring tools (GPU-Z etc). It's just the way i prefer to set up my gaming.

4. in the 'Video' tab down in the 'Screen Resolution' section i select 'SVGA' and put the same resolution of 1600x1024 (so whatever window resolution you are looking for make sure this matches what you have set in the 'Main' tab).

5. This last bit fixed an issue i had where the game would run fine, but the Nvidia and Egosoft credits would not show (you can still hear them) and also the in-game videos where people are talking inside a cut scene (the mission briefings where ok though) did not display (like the pop-up head of Bannon in the opening cut scene etc). Anyway this fixed it:

Under the 'DirextX' tab make sure that 'DirectX version Hook' is set to 'DirectX8' (what X2 uses) and not left on the default 'Automatic'. This way all video will render correctly.

After you have made these changes you should see the X2.exe symbol in the small window of DxWnd and when you close the program you will get a prompt to save the changes, so agree to that.


DxWnd is a pretty complex beast, so much so that i had to find what i think is a slightly unusual way to get X2 to run, with the window settings i wanted. So with DxWnd set up as above for X2, we need to do this process to run the game X2.

1. launch DxWnd. Note you should see the X2.exe symbol in the window.

2. now launch GOG's X2 - The Threat via it's icon on your desktop

(the normal process to launch a game in DxWnd is to right-click on the icon in DxWnd and select 'Run', but this did not work for me with X2)

3. when you get the X2 configuration start up box, we need to go into the 'Graphic Resolution' settings and make sure we are in Fullscreen mode (this gives the widest choice of screen resolutions to pick) and in the example i've given here, make sure the screen is set at 1600x1024x32.

I also switch of 'Automatic Quality' (as this can reduce graphic detail in some situations), and make sure Bumpmaps and Shadows are both ticked.

Then i click 'Start X2' and it will start in a proper window (with a short DxWnd intro graphic before the game starts), at the correct position i want. All the HUD elements are correct (no cut off sections) and the game plays perfectly.

I hope this helps others looking to get the most out of GOG's X2 game.
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Though I suspect I will never look at X2:The Threat again, a big thank you for writing so thoroughly about both the problem and its solution.
Your welocme :)

And the info might be handy for other games also. While there isn't a 'borderless' option that i can see, you can choose 'modal' under the 'Video' settings and that pretty much works like 'borderless'. You may have to experiment with the X and Y settings in the 'Main' tab to get the best results for this.

Overall i'm super impressed with DxWnd and it is now an essential part of my gaming tools, and is worth getting to know and use for those games that just don't have decent screen options, or as in the case of X2, came from a different era before widescreen etc.
Sorry for dig out. Found it through google, newer version seems to display videos. It also has some extra settings..

I modified the base slightly for better quality and 1080p, I'm playing with modal for borderless so i added some settings to avoid mouse use, though dunno how much they do so feel free to disable them. Res is set to custom. And filters for Quality, seems like it looks better but it might be placebo :D

Here's my dxw file:

title0=X2 The Threat
path0=D:\GAMES\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\X2 - The Threat\X2.exe
icon0=0000010001002020100000000000E802000016000000280000002000000040000000010004000000000080020000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000008000008000000080800080000000800080008080000080808000C0C0C0000000FF0000FF000000 FFFF00FF000000FF00FF00FFFF0000FFFFFF00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001110000000000000000000000 00011111111111000000000000000000011111111111111100000000000000000000000000000000000000008888888880000008888888 87011000000800000008000077000000800111000000F00FFFF0800080FFFF007011190000000F00FFFF080800FFFF0801191990000000 F00FFFF0870FFFF080019999910000000F00FFFF00FFFF00700199999900001000800FFFFFFFFF0F0000999999100010000800FFFFFFF0 7000009999999000100000800FFFFF0070000099999990001000000F0FFFFF077000009999999001100000070FFFFFF077000099999990 01100000F0FFFFFFFF008000199999900110000700FFFF0FFFF0080070019990009100070FFFF000FFFF07FFFFF0199000910080FFFF00 F70FF00F70008F099000990700FFFF080770F0FFF0FFFF809000110800000077007800FFF80FFFF00000008FFFFFFF800000FFFFFF80FF F00000000000000000000000FFF8F08FF000000099999000000000900F8080FF70000000099999991119999907F878F800000000019999 99999999999007F80000000000001999999999997779000000000000000000999999997777888890000000000000000199977777888881 000000000000000000019777888890000000000000000000000000000000000000000000FFE003FFFF00007FFE00003F0000001F000000 0F000800070000000300000001800000018000000080000000000000000000060006000600070006000600020004000000040000000000 000000000000000000008000000080010000C0020001C0000001E0000003F0000007F800000FFC00001FFE00003FFF80007FFFE001FF
time=Sat Mar 02 20:47:11 2019

in case anyone wonders why steam, cause i've set it whole to be managed with steam controller and it's simpler to install from steam than through gog and add to steam :P
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