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WRATH: Aeon of Ruin EA_1.2.1 Changelog
GID V1.2.1 Hotfix (26 February 2020)

• Fixed end screen appearing when using only 2 relics rather than 3
• Fixed sudden and extreme stricken walk speed
• Fixed invincible, shotgun firing afflicted
• Fixed afflicted attack spam
• Fixed weapons firing when clicking in the the F3 load menu
• Fixed under water view fog remaining when loading a save from the load menu while submerged
• Improved Confounding Attar projctile physics and affected enemy AI
• Reduced duration of spinning Wretch head
• Several small, miscellaneous fixes
WRATH: Aeon of Ruin EA_1.2 Changelog

GID V1.2 (25 February 2020)

Greetings mortal. Are you ready to die?

No more waiting around, WRATH Content Update #1 is NOW LIVE!

• 1 new map for you to explore
• 1 new artifact for you to use
• 1 new foe for you to slay
• and much more...

Full changelog:


• 1 new level, The Gardens
• 1 new enemy, The Wretch
• 1 new artifact, Confounding Attar
• Updated enemy encounters in The Undercrofts and The Mire


• Added support for 4096x2160 resolution
• Added UI mouse sensitivity option
• Added framerate cap options


• Fixed player only being able to carry one coffer key at a time
• Fixed player being able to shoot while journal is open
• Fixed some user settings not saving when game is closed
• Fixed bad texture filtering name
• Fixed Drowner's Apparatus overlay camera clipping and z-fighting
• Fixed items dropped by enemies getting stuck in walls and surrounding geometry
• Fixed items sometimes not coming out of coffers at the correct angles
• Fixed invader attacking even though view to player is blocked
• Misc fixes


• Improved enemy AI
• Added a "load menu" bound to F3 by default
• Player momentum now slows gradually when crouching
• Decoupled Shrines and Soul Tethers. The prevents situations where the player will lose a Shrine save by returning to a Soul Tether placed before the time the Shrine was activiated.


• Further improved enemy AI
• Add date and time information to saved game menu
• Overhaul Coach Gun alt-fire
• Overhaul Fang Spitter alt-fire
• Overhaul Item pickup sounds
• Tweak the Executioner to be more manageable
• Add option for screen flash when picking up items
• Improve feedback of artifacts via screen elements and sound
• Performance improvements and optimizations
• UI scaling improvements
• Create Cyst pickup models that are distinct from Cyst projectiles for greater clarity
• Expand support for various display resolutions
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