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Will amend this topic/post with news about what gets pushed in updates!

Some changes will occasionally be pushed to the Beta Branch first (it is noted in the build notes when it is the case).
To access it, click MORE then SETTINGS then on the right side you should see BETA CHANNELS which you can turn ON. You'll get the newest, less tested changes.

June 8, 2017

- [PC] Misc: Fixed running from an install folder that contains non-ASCII characters.
- [PC] Inputs: Reduced delay for mouse cursor to disappear to 3 seconds and tweaked code to reduce mis-detection of movement.
- [PC] Config: Creates Settings.cfg file if missing very early during boot time, so machines where the game crash will be able to see and edit the configuration file.
- [PC] Graphics: Made windowed mode resizing faster (fixed a bug where it would trigger resizing code many times, may have caused other issues).
- [PC] Debug: Increased the amount of diagnostic log output when running game with -megaverbose parameter.
- [PC] Graphics: Tweaked some DX11 initialization code to test if it fixes initialization issues that a few people are having in fullscreen mode.
- [PC] Debug: Increased the amount of diagnostic log output when running game with "wb.exe -megaverbose" parameter.
- [PC] Debug/Inputs: Added a debugging tool (wb.exe -toolinputs) to visualize the data the game is seeing. Also will help debugging incoming support for unknown controllers.
- [PC] Fixed a keyboard input bug.

June 9, 2017

- [PC] Inputs: When the game detect two gamepads and one is xinput compatible, always prioritize the xinput one. This should fix the situation with using pad remappers that emulates xinput.
- [PC] Inputs: Fixed an issue with mouse pointer not hiding.
- [PC] Starting in windowed mode by default for now, because a few people have issues with fullscreen mode. Hopefully temporary.

(Still working on support for xinput gamepad, but the fix from this morning should make it easier to use gamepad mapper/emulators if any problem arise)

June 11-12, 2017

- [PC] Inputs: Added support for legacy non-xinput controllers!
- [PC] Options: Fixed screen not clearing fully when changing to Fullscreen mode using the menu instead of ALT+Enter combo.
- Retro: Tweaked Retro Monitor / CRT effect to work better at different resolutions.
- Localization: Changed Japanese font to NonoSansCJK. Fixed Japanese font height offset.
- [PC] Graphics: Fixed fullscreen flickering on top/bottom of screen on 4:3 and 16:10 screens.
- [PC] Audio: Fixed audio glitches on some configuration by increasing the default audio buffer size.
- [PC] Options: Framerate Limiter is off by default.
- [PC] Inputs: Merged the regular and legacy controller menus into one. Legacy controllers have a little less options but the remapping process is now much obvious and fast.
- [PC] Inputs: Changed Retro Audio default mapping from R3 to L1 (PC only).
- [PC] Fixed text line in ending credit broken in previous build because of a bug in the translation builder in our side (now fixed).
- [PC] Inputs: Increased thresholds on analog axies for UP/DOWN actions to avoid accidentally opening door when running with some joysticks.
- [PC] Inputs: Fixed dead-zone handling for legacy non-xinput controllers.
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I liek you're verrr active on GOGie; many devs focus on Steam only which is so annoyin'. Plusses many don't even bother to update their gamies at all after launch, ugh.

Keep at it! I jus' bought teh game; I was eyein' it from teh start but seein' you be so active pushed me into teh purchase. Don't let down Fairfox!

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Thank you Fairfox :)

June 14, 2017
(GOG Build 1.02.17)
- Game: Don't grant "Hard-Earned" achievement on Hard Clear if the slot was started from a password.
- Game: Made the Yellow Shadow have little less Attack Points in Hard mode.
- [PC] Graphics: Enable the option to change the fullscreen resolution.
- [PC] Graphics: Frame Limiter back on by default.
- [PC] Graphics: Double default windowed mode size on 4K screens.
- [PC] Inputs: Fixed legacy non-xinput controller remapping referring to xinput buttons names ("A") instead of actions ("Jump").
- [PC] Inputs: Disabled UP/DOWN analog threshold added on Build 1884005 which makes Mouse-Man harder to play.
Omar, thank you for providing us with these detailed lists of what has changed in each individual release! :)
I'm really missing this kind of service from most of today's developers.
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June 15, 2017
(GOG Build 1.02.18)
- Audio: Fixed playing the "Landing" sound effect when appearing in the Last Dungeon after the Intro.
- Retro: Fixed the Hourglass rotation in Retro UI from being painfully slow.
- Fixed password input prompt not showing up in UI (broken in previous patch).
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June 18, 2017
(GOG Build 1.02.19)

Michael W Hillard and his dad Ernest were kind enough to record trumpets, tenor sax, trombone in their studio to replace our sampled ones in two tracks of the game. Michael went back and integrated the new recordings and remastered the tracks.

We also started rebalancing the Hard mode. I think it is better balance on overall: it will be a little easier in early stages and harder in later stages. Your feedback are appreciated!

- Music: Updated "Staff Roll" and "The Last Dungeon - Encore" tracks with real recordings for Trumpet, Cornet, Trombone (Michael W Hillard) and Tenor Sax (Ernest W Hillard).
- Audio: Better overall audio balance for retro PSG/FM sfx and music. Lowered retro sfx volumes relative to respective retro music volumes. Upped retro music volumes by 10% to match modern music volumes.
- Gameplay: Hard mode balancing: Timer turns every 30 seconds (instead of 25).
- Gameplay: Hard mode balancing: Timer resets when entering Dragon Room.
- Gameplay: Hard mode balancing: Timer removes health proportionally to current health amount (typically remove in later stages of the game, vs old code didn't do much).
- Gameplay: Hard mode balancing: Various minor tweaks in Sky Palace.
- Levels: Added floor reflection in the magical room prior to the Sky Palace.
- UI: Added Sky Palace location banner.
- UI: Fixed Ending Credits play time being rightfully included in the saveslot timer when returning to title screen, but not actually saved to disk, so quitting immediately would remove a few minutes on the timer.
- UI: Fixed in-game door & mouse rotate popup timers from triggering when Pause is active.
- Credits: Added Seaven's Pascal & Olivier young faces.
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June 19, 2017
(GOG Build 1.02.20)

- Gameplay: Hard mode balancing: Various minor tweaks in Daimyo Temple.
- Gameplay: Tweaked Dragon Vampire difficulty (hard, normal).
- Gameplay: Tweaked Yellow Ninja attack points (a little less).
- GOG: Updated GOG Pipeline Builder version.
- Music: Updated "The Last Dungeon - Encore" track (minor improvements from yesterday).
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Changelog for Patch 1.03c / Mac & Linux only (added 01 August 2017):

- The game is available as native Mac and Linux apps!

- Ported by Ethan Lee (, who brought plenty of games to those systems (FEZ, Flinthook, Bastion, Transistor, Shenzen I/O or Super Hexagon…).
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Changelog for patch 1.03c hotfix / (Mac) / (Linux) (added 09 August 2017):

- Minor bug fixes.
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December 3rd 2017
(GOG Build 1.02.21, Game Version 1.03e)

- Added Retro Inventory (see Options>Retro).
- Fixed Japanese typo in the Retro mode introduction text.
- Minor tweaks.
- Improvement so it is easier to provide language mods (the game engine will load any file called mod_*.csx in the strings/ folder. Only the key + language columns are required. New languages can be added).

Tip: Note that you can access EXTREME mode by holding the Inventory key (I) for a few seconds when selecting a difficulty setting.
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January 29th 2018
(GOG Build 1.03f, Game Version 1.03f)

- Added Russian localization.
- Added Simplified Chinese localization.

The Russian version was localized by Alex Khayrullin.
The Chinese version was localized by the Project Gutenberg team at Indienova! Big thanks to west, SisseL, Canny, craft and alwaysmadowl for their joint work on this. You can check their other work and projects there:
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