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I am sorry to be posting this here. I submitted a support ticket, and an automated reply said it would take weeks for a response, so I am hoping someone can assist.

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce(R) GTX 1070

Game does not launch and PC hangs. A Wolfenstein II Colussus Console box appears, that is small, but I can at least read the following:
NVIDIA device detected. Defaulting GPU triager culling to off
Initializing Vulkan Subsystem
a string of hex characters that I can not read nor copy due to the hang
FATAL ERROR: vkGet PhysicalDeviceSurfaceFormatKHR failed with error (VK_ERROR_INITIALIZATION_FAILED)

Thinking that maybe the driver had a bug in it, I installed driver and received the following: FATAL_ERROR: vkcreateInstance failed with error (VK_ERROR_INCOMPATIBLE_DRIVER)

Any suggestions?

Thank you!

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This question / problem has been solved by deus-ex-image

The driver you just installed is dated from 21.07.2019 and thus terribly old. Even worse, it lacks support for the graphics API Vulkan which is required to run Wolfenstein II The new Colussus. You should try installing the latest NVIDIA graphics driver 460.89 from December 15th, 2020 which includes support for the Vulkan API.

Unfortunately, this forum does not allow me to post a link. You should have no issues finding a propper download link, though. I hope this helps you to fix your issue.
@ Deus-Ex-

Thank you for the reply, it is appreciated.

I loaded the driver again, and unfortunately got the same results. The driver load went fine, but when I attempted to launch the game, I received the following, along with a hung PC .

FATAL ERROR: vkGetPhysicalDeviceSurfaceFormatsKHR failed with error (VK_Error_Initialization_Failed)

I rolled back the driver, reinstalled the new driver, and had the same results.

For those interesed in the website Deus-Ex- was kind enough to comment on, it is this one:

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Sorry to hear it didn't work out for you. You should give the NVIDIA Vulkan beta driver 457.67 a try then. That driver is based on a different and most probably more evolved (with regards to Vulkan) driver codebase. Download link below, remove spaces:

h t t p s : / / d e v e l o p e r . n v i d i a . c o m / v u l k a n - b e t a - 4 5 7 6 7 - w i n d o w s - 1 0

Make sure to restart your PC after a driver installation, even if the driver installer does not request you to do so.

Good luck.
deus-ex-: @Stryder2931

The driver you just installed is dated from 21.07.2019 and thus terribly old.
But isn't it strange if a game from 2017 needs drivers from 2020? ;)
Seems like all these Wolfenstein games have loads of trouble, but maybe same with all advanced FPS-games, haven't played many of those last 15 years but now I have a new machine so... :)
Seb-gog: But isn't it strange if a game from 2017 needs drivers from 2020? ;)
Yeah, that's quite funny, now that you mention it. :)

Then again, drivers do evolve over time, though sometimes not necessarily for the better. As a general rule, you can expect drivers to get more fail-proof over time, perhaps along with some speed improvements, at least for prominent game titles, like Wolfenstein II.
I would like to thank Deus-Ex- for the assitance. It is very much appreciated. The comment about drivers evolving over time, though not for the better, reminded me that sometimes improvements do not necessarily work for all machines, and Deus-Ex- was correct!

I downloaded older drivers, and have found a few that seem to be working, as at least the game launches, whereas before it just gave me error messages.

I will not have much time next week, but will try thereafter to find the driver that works the best.

Thanks again for all the assitance. I really appreicate it.
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