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1) ECWolf Sourceport's official site:

This sourceport currently supports Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny, SoD's two mission packs, and Super 3-D Noah's Ark.

ECWolf Useful Commandline Parameters:

--data wl6 [Loads Wolfenstein 3D]
--data sod [Loads Spear of Destiny]
--data sd2 [Loads Spear of Destiny: Return to Danger]
--data sd3 [Loads Spear of Destiny: Ultimate Challenge]
--data n3d [Loads Super 3-D Noah's Ark] [Note: This game works best in ECWolf, not LZWolf]
--nowait [Skips intro screens in Wolf 3D, Spear of Destiny and its 2 mission packs]
--tedlevel mapxx [xx stands for map number, i.e. map01, map02, map03, etc]

Use any one of the above --data parameters combined with --tedlevel in order to start in a specific game on a specific level. You can also further combine any one of the game difficulty parameters listed below with --data and --tedlevel as well.

Special Note for Linux Users: Linux and all its derivatives are case-sensitive, so you must type the filenames and file extensions exactly as they appear in Linux, or else the game will not run. For example: If you are using the --data commandline switch, you would type WL6, SOD, SD2, SD3, or N3D all in caps.

ECWolf Commandline Parameters for Setting Game Difficulty:


All commandline parameters listed in both sets of blockquotes also work in LZWolf.
How to Create a Shortcut to a File or Folder

How to Create Shortcuts with Parameters in Windows 10

2) ECWolf's Bitbucket sourcecode page:

3) LZWolf Sourceport's official site:

This sourceport is basically the same as ECWolf, but also has additional modding capabilities, supporting Wolf3D mods that use those capabilities:

4) LZWolf's Bitbucket sourcecode page:

5) Wolfsource Discord channel, dealing with Wolf3D and Wolf3D-based games:

6) Wolfenvault: Custom Wolf 3D and Spear of Destiny Levels:

7) Die Hard Wolfers: Best Mods of All Time - Thread:
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wolfdosmpu: A simple fork of the original Wolf3D open-source release to add MPU-401 support.
wolfmidi: Converts the OPL2 music in Wolf3D/SOD to General MIDI, intended for use with wolfdosmpu or ECWolf.

More info at wolfmidi+wolfdosmpu - Wolf3D/SoD music in General MIDI (fully-automatic converter) + WOLF3D.EXE with MPU-401 support